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Kara Diersing Clapp, PhD, APRN
Family Nurse Practitioner
Monday, June 26, 2017
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Telemedicine Consultations with a Family Nurse Practitioner

What is a Telemedicine?

onphone.jpg Telemedicine is the use technology to assist a person with concerns that do not have to be handled in a face-to-face visit. This can be done by phone or by Skype using a computer or mobile device (tablet).

You can used Telemedicine services in several ways:

  • ask a general question about an issue (not patient-specific) such as health education
  • Ask-An-NP: ask questions about a specific concern to help you decide what type of services you should seek (triage)
  • patient-specific questions and concerns*

A consultation includes time to document the service and issues discussed.

A telemedicine consultation with Kara Diersing Clapp, PhD, NP-c, a certified Family Nurse Practitioner, can help you in several ways:

  • If you have symptoms you are concerned about, but aren't certain which type of treatment would be best (emergency room, urgent care, office setting)? You can ask for "symptom triage" consult to help you decide where to go and who to see.
  • Do you need help deciding if a nutritional supplement is okay to use or what drug interactions may be present?
  • Do you have general health questions that you never have time to ask or forgot to ask your regular physician/NP/PA during an office visit?
  • Do you wonder about what research studies say about a particular health concern you have?
  • New in town and just don't know where to start in building your medical and health network again?

Scheduling a Consultation

Call 801-495-9303 to schedule a general consultation.

*For A Patient-Specific Need, please complete and return a consent form to

Visit the forms section below (downloadable PDF).

No computer access?

You can request the forms to be mailed to you. Call 801-495-9303. We will call you to schedule a consultation once the completed forms are received.

Mailing Address: PO Box 901026 Sandy UT 84090-1026

To Reach me via Skype:

1. Please visit the Skype website to set up your Skype account for your desktop computer or mobile devices.
2. Add my Skype ID: dr.karaclapp to your friend list.
3. I will accept your friend request before your first Skype call.
4. Click the icon button to enter a call with me at your appointment time.

Complete These Forms Before Your Telemedicine Appt

 Title SizeDescription
Phone Consultation PacketDownload2.90 KBDocuments that must be on file with Dr. Kara before your scheduled consultation.
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