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Kara Diersing Clapp, PhD, APRN
Family Nurse Practitioner
Monday, June 26, 2017
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Chronic Inflammation

elderly-couple-lg.jpgKara Diersing Clapp, PhD, NP-c has always loved research---that's why she earned her PhD---to read research and apply it to her patients.

Genomics-the science of the gene

The Human Genome Project started in 1988 and was officially completed in 2003. It is absolutely incredible how intricate the workings of the body is at the celluar level. We know understand many of the ways our environment "talks" to our genes and our unique genetic codes.

Chronic Inflammation--the root of chronic illness

You've heard the saying: " you are what you eat" and its more true than you could imagine. The food we eat really does talk to our bodies at the cellular level, as well as the chronic stress of an overly busy lifestyle, technology overload, chemical exposures, and other things associated with modern living.


 If you would like to reduce your daily burden of Chronic Inflammation, please call Dr. Kara at 801-495-9303 and schedule a hour consultation.



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