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Friday, May 26, 2017
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Time Away to Play!

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Posted by: Kara Clapp 9/8/2011

Good Friday Morning Readers!

I'm so glad its the beginning of the weekend for me. Every one needs time away from daily routines to change their scenery, change their routine, and recharge the mind and body. This week is my week to do all that. I'm looking forward to hiking, swimming, and soaking in the hot tub for a whole week. 

I'm really looking forward to spending time with those I love, trying out my new Coolibar sun gear, and reading the book of Nehemiah while I'm away. A friend reminded me that OctoberFest is also going on this weekend, so I'll have to fit that in too.

Its really tempting to pack alot of activity into a vacation, but that would be foolish. My daily life is already packed to the gills and why should vacation seem like a job?

There's one advantage to not being a mountain biker like my hubby, I can relax and do nothing while he is biking. LOL.And he wonders why I don't bike? But you probably do not want to see what's on my reading list sends most people running and screaming towards the hills.

I hope all of you are planning some time for yourself. Its good for the mind and body.

To Your Excellent Health!

Dr. Kara

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