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Friday, May 26, 2017
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Pain Pills: More Than What Meets the Eye

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Posted by: Kara Clapp 9/7/2011

Good Morning Readers!

Did you know that Utah is #1 in the nation for death related to accidental overdose? Yep, we are. So if you are wondering if you should ask for a narcotic for pain, think twice and again a third time. You are borrowing more trouble than you may know.

Did you know that narcotics actually lower your pain threshold, so you feel more pain? Did you know that the addiction risk is much higher than thought? The risk is estimated at about 35% in a recent study. If you have a brain that is inclined genetically toward addiction, you are playing with fire.

So here’s your sound advice for the day: believe me when I say that narcotics are not what you may think they are. There are many ways to deal with pain, most of which have little to do with narcotics. Do yourself a favor and when someone like me recommends a non-narcotic for pain control, believe them. We don’t like accidentally dead people. It’s bad for business.

To Your Excellent Health!

Dr. Kara

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