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Monday, June 26, 2017
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Author: Kara Clapp Created: 7/9/2007
This blog is a place where Dr. Kara can share her personal viewpoints about the health care industry and the practice of health and illness care. Postings about Dr. Kara's various hobbies, readings, and other life experiences may find their way here also. Disclaimer: any subject matter discussed in this blog should not be used for medical advise and self-treatment. Please consult a medical provider who can assist you with making informed medical decisions based upon your unique medical history and needs.

Phoenix from the Ashes
By Kara Clapp on 4/19/2013
Professional Burn-Out, Admitting the truth about small business ownership, and other ramblings.
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Kate, Victoria, and the Quest for a Good Shoe
By Kara Clapp on 9/28/2011

Good Morning Readers!

I'm sorry I have been neglecting the blog for the past week. Getting back to the routine after vacation was more than I thought. There have been a few changes at the office and much longer work days, so I haven't been active online this week.

I woke up this morning thinking about high heels. Not quite as weird as it sounds if you know that I have been searching for a good pair of dress shoes lately. I've been to local stores and searched online for a good quality dress shoe. It's harder to find than you might think. I gave up high heels years ago and here's why:

When I was 21 years old I was working in an Orthopedic/Neurology Surgical Unit. Dr. Quinn, a very skilled orthoepdic surgeon, was sitting at the nurses station enjoying a rare moment of peace and quiet. I asked him "what is the best thing that has ever happened to you as a surgeon?". Without blinking or hesitating to consider his answ ...

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Back to the Routine
By Kara Clapp on 9/20/2011

Good Morning Readers!

I just enjoyed my first vacation in five years and now I understand the lament----vacations are never long enough. I think I would have enjoyed one more day with my hubby. I spent two Saturday mornings of my vacation listening to awesome neurololgy lectures that were only available during those two days. It was very worthwhile, but indicative of all the other time off I have attempted in the past----work always creeps in and I'm never away mentally from work.

No matter how much in advance I post my absence, there are always patients and situations that demand attention. I think that is the nature of health care and burn out. I've been practicing as a solo practitioner for five years now and doing my own call for those same five years.  Its getting harder and harder to do personalized health care. No matter what I know is the right thing to do I still have to contend with the influences of government involvement in my business.< ...

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Time Away to Play!
By Kara Clapp on 9/8/2011

Good Friday Morning Readers!

I'm so glad its the beginning of the weekend for me. Every one needs time away from daily routines to change their scenery, change their routine, and recharge the mind and body. This week is my week to do all that. I'm looking forward to hiking, swimming, and soaking in the hot tub for a whole week. 

I'm really looking forward to spending time with those I love, trying out my new Coolibar sun gear, and reading the book of Nehemiah while I'm away. A friend reminded me that OctoberFest is also going on this weekend, so I'll have to fit that in too.

Its really tempting to pack alot of activity into a vacation, but that would be foolish. My daily life is already packed to the gills and why should vacation seem like a job?

There's one advantage to not being a mountain biker like my hubby, I can relax and do nothing while he is biking. LOL.And he wonders why I don't bike? But you probably d ...

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Pain Pills: More Than What Meets the Eye
By Kara Clapp on 9/7/2011

Good Morning Readers!

Did you know that Utah is #1 in the nation for death related to accidental overdose? Yep, we are. So if you are wondering if you should ask for a narcotic for pain, think twice and again a third time. You are borrowing more trouble than you may know.

Did you know that narcotics actually lower your pain threshold, so you feel more pain? Did you know that the addiction risk is much higher than thought? The risk is estimated at about 35% in a recent study. If you have a brain that is inclined genetically toward addiction, you are playing with fire.

So here’s your sound advice for the day: believe me when I say that narcotics are not ...

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Humor Good, Drama Bad
By Kara Clapp on 9/6/2011
Good Morning Readers!
Here’s just another little something to show us just how wrong the nay-sayers are when it comes to the mind-body connection. Watching stressful movies changes your endothelial function in negative ways whereas watching comedies helped vascular function.
What is endothelial function and why is it important? The endothelium is the innermost lining of the blood vessels in your body. Smooth ones are good. So are slick ones and unclogged ones. Everything we do and eat changes the internal environment of that lining. Get some vasoconstriction, some plaques to roughen things up and make blood cells stick to the lining, and some thinning of the lining and you have a perfect storm for heart attacks a ...
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Something to Ponder before Winter Illnesses Hit
By Kara Clapp on 9/6/2011

Good Morning Readers!

Fall is just around the corner and so are the ubiquitous germs that cause our winter-times blues. Here’s some food for thought. We are doing better, but not good enough in using antibiotics appropriately—especially in children.

I know it’s a real pain in the butt to have a kid home sick from school or for you to be home from work with a cold, but giving an antibiotic when one isn’t necessary only makes sense if you value ineffective treatment. In fact, it does more harm than good. Plus you’ve spent money that you didn’t need to spend on a treatment that isn’t effective. Most pharyngitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, and otitis is viral in cause. Antibiotics don’t help viruses. You already know the common cold is a vir ...

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Perfect Peace and Happiness: Get Yours Today : )
By Kara Clapp on 8/31/2011

Good Morning Readers!

Today I am freestyling and just writing about something that makes me happy. No research, no scare messages, no health or illness information, just plain ole what makes me happy kind of blog today. Its Friday and I choose to feel happy and childlike today.

Wanna know what really makes me happy? The belief in something greater than myself. It takes the burden of perfection away, it instills in me a sense of hope, a sense that I am so small in the world that I don’t have to worry about anything beyond the moment. That’s what it was like to b ...

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Another Thought about my Day at the Water Park
By Kara Clapp on 8/31/2011

Good Morning Readers!

Yesterday I talked about my day at the water park and how surprised I was that I looked more normal than not---that there were fewer normal weighted people and more overweight/obese people. I also mentioned some of the children who made me sad, because of their obesity.

Here’s why I am sad: those kids have more health concerns to worry about earlier in life. My worry about fatty liver disease didn’t start until age 45. Imagine what it must feel like when a 10 year old is told they have fatty liver disease. A 10 year old! One third of Ameri ...

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Prunes Are Your Friends
By Kara Clapp on 8/29/2011

Good Morning Readers!

OK have your laugh. Make it a real big belly laugh, the kind of laugh that would make Santa Claus proud! It turns out that prunes really are your friends. All joking aside, a recent study has shown that women who eat 10 prunes a day have better bone quality and less osteoporosis than those who don’t cuddle up with Mr. Prune.

We have it really good these days compared to our mothers and grandmothers because

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