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Friday, May 26, 2017
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Author: Kara Clapp Created: 7/9/2007
This blog is a place where Dr. Kara can share her personal viewpoints about the health care industry and the practice of health and illness care. Postings about Dr. Kara's various hobbies, readings, and other life experiences may find their way here also. Disclaimer: any subject matter discussed in this blog should not be used for medical advise and self-treatment. Please consult a medical provider who can assist you with making informed medical decisions based upon your unique medical history and needs.

Health Savings Accounts and Obamacare
By Kara Clapp on 12/7/2010

Recently I updated the graph that I use on my website to compare costs of traditional HMO/PPO plans and HSAs. You can find that graph under "How the Clinic Saves you Money" Just two years ago the HSA monthly premium for a family of 6 was only $85; now it is $447. I can't help but wonder what has changed. I suspect the astronomical increases are based on Obamacare and its mandates of coverage. Insurance companies are creating slush funds to be prepared for the mandated coverage, which started with those with pre-exisiting conditions earlier this year. Even if you factored in the annual rise of HMP/PPO monthly premiums of 11-14% that still wouldn't make $85 jump to $447.

In my humble opinion, the government should stay out of our healthcare. They cannot and will never do it better than the private market. I am a member of the private health care market and I have been providing top notch care for a reaonsable and affordable ...

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Borrowing from Peter to Pay Paul
By Kara Clapp on 12/6/2010
The US Senate unanimously approved to "stay" the "doctor fix" for another year by borrowing obamacare state funds to pay for Medicare claims through 2011.
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Handwashing Really Is Important! Here's the video to prove it : )
By Kara Clapp on 10/17/2010
A dance video made by VigiGerme at the request of Service Prevention and Infection Control University Hospital of Geneva. The dance group is "The Rythmakers" and they are entertaining. I personally prefer soap and water, but hand gels are good too. I just don't like the dryness of my hands after a day of applying alcohol to my skin. I wonder if my friend would not have developed a MRSA infection after her hip replacement if some RN had washed their hands before caring for MJ.
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Listening Matters
By Kara Clapp on 4/16/2010
Lately I’ve been thinking about healthcare culture and public attitudes toward healthcare. When I first started Doctor Kara PC, I was very confident that my tagline “Affordable Healthcare without the Wait” would resonate with the public. I also believed that my clinic would be wildly successful with my brilliant courage to do the right thing. Why? Because I read the research that said people were tired of (a) being treated impersonally, (b) waiting for long periods of time in waiting rooms, and (c) who believed that healthcare is too expensive. After nearly 4 years, I admit that I have learned that people don’t think they wait too long, can afford healthcare at urgent care clinics at the last minute, and don’t care about impersonal treatment, and act as this bad service is great care and worth the money spent. I am old enough to remember the glory days of primary care practice AKA Marcus Welby, MD style. Dr. Max, our family physician most of my childhood, was a solo practice generalist. Laugh if you will, ...
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By Kara Clapp on 4/5/2010
Dr. Kara's thoughts about the recent passage of health care reform.
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Meet My Friend James---a Stand Up Dude
By Kara Clapp on 7/20/2009

Hello Everyone!

I'd like you to meet my friend James. He's a cool guy who reminds me alot of Jason Chaffitz who recently won a congressional race against Chris Cannon. If you met James in person, you'd quickly learn that he has integrity, loves his country, and is mad enough about the trends of Congress to put everything he owns and has built as a small business owner at risk to run for Congress against Robert Bennett. I deeply respect him for toeing up to the line and running against the status quo.  If you are sick and tired of abuse of power in our government like me, give James a look. You won't be disappointed.

Here's how to find out more about James:



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Medicare Regulations and Absurdities: Tidbit #1
By Kara Clapp on 2/4/2008
Recently I have taken on Medicare insurance so I can provide home visit services to those who are homebound and cannot get to a medical provider's office. While learning the terrain of "Medicare Regulations", I stumbled upon what has to the be the most ridiculous regulation known to mankind. As a Nurse Practitioner, I am licensed to diagnose, prescribe, and supervise my own medical treatment plans for patients who visit my private office. When I was a registered nurse, I was responsible for delegating nursing activities and supervising the outcomes of the activities of licensed practical nurses, student nurses, and nursing assistants. Medicare even pays me for the services I render to home bound patients. HOWEVER, as a Nurse Practitioner, I am not allowed to sign the home health agency document (called the "485") that summarizes the treatment plan for the home-bound patient, not even to direct a nursing assistant to give a patient a daily bath! Apparently only an ...
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When Some One Else Says It Better Than I Can--
By Kara Clapp on 10/24/2007
Article written by Ron Paul about Free Market Medicine
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So What's the Deal with Having Your Appointment Book Online?
By Kara Clapp on 9/5/2007

Online access to my appointment book is one of the core service features of the Doctor Kara, P.C. Family Clinic. It is a direct result of my personal frustration as a patient in trying to get an appointment with my primary care provider. I doubt I am not alone in this frustration. Having to wait for an office to open to talk to a receptionist—only to find out the office is booked solid for 4 weeks—and all I needed was my annual visit to refill my Zyrtec for my spring allergies. Well, it all seemed a bit silly in my opinion.


That’s when I started looking for a software company that could custom build me a program so my appointment book could be available 24/7. I ...

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Welcome and Introduction
By Kara Clapp on 7/8/2007
Thank you for stopping by to browse and see what's new in this small corner of the world. I'm Dr. Kara Diersing Clapp and I am a Family Nurse Practitioner with a PhD--hence the "doctor" in Doctor Kara, PC. I own and operate a small family medical clinic in beautiful Sandy, Utah. I've been a registered nurse for 14 years and an APRN (advanced practice registered nurse) for  11 years (10 as a CNS and 1 as an FNP). I started this blog as a way to share my opinions and insights that are difficult to package in a professional-based website like the one I maintain for the clinic. Sometime I just like to say things in plain English and with lots of passion. I think most people who enjoy reading blogs are well aware that blogs can be full of emotions that are best placed in a blog as opposed to a website that maintains a sometimes drier business-like tone. I tend to write in a conversational style, so I hope none of you are disappointed that I choose not to pull ou ...
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