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Kara Diersing Clapp, PhD, APRN
Family Nurse Practitioner
Friday, May 26, 2017
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Doctor Kara's Blog

Author: Kara Clapp Created: 7/9/2007
This blog is a place where Dr. Kara can share her personal viewpoints about the health care industry and the practice of health and illness care. Postings about Dr. Kara's various hobbies, readings, and other life experiences may find their way here also. Disclaimer: any subject matter discussed in this blog should not be used for medical advise and self-treatment. Please consult a medical provider who can assist you with making informed medical decisions based upon your unique medical history and needs.

Welcome and Introduction
By Kara Clapp on 7/8/2007
Thank you for stopping by to browse and see what's new in this small corner of the world. I'm Dr. Kara Diersing Clapp and I am a Family Nurse Practitioner with a PhD--hence the "doctor" in Doctor Kara, PC. I own and operate a small family medical clinic in beautiful Sandy, Utah. I've been a registered nurse for 14 years and an APRN (advanced practice registered nurse) for  11 years (10 as a CNS and 1 as an FNP). I started this blog as a way to share my opinions and insights that are difficult to package in a professional-based website like the one I maintain for the clinic. Sometime I just like to say things in plain English and with lots of passion. I think most people who enjoy reading blogs are well aware that blogs can be full of emotions that are best placed in a blog as opposed to a website that maintains a sometimes drier business-like tone. I tend to write in a conversational style, so I hope none of you are disappointed that I choose not to pull ou ...
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Why Did I Choose to Start a Clinic of My Own? (sometimes I wonder about that too!)
By Kara Clapp on 7/5/2007

I love being a nurse. I love my career--it turned out much better than I could ever imagined. Like many nurses who became nurses at a young age. I was only 17 when I entered my first nursing program. I was a person who tended to be soft-hearted and caring about others. All of us inherit different capacities and personality traits. Mine happened to be "other-oriented", so a career in nursing was a great fit for me. Over the years my curiosity about being able to offer "the best" of what I knew became the driving force to return to school for another 4 nursing degrees. A little bit of boredom with small town life in Idaho directly ...

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